Colleen Johnsen's California Plants
Class #164: California Natives & Plant Communities, Lab #2

Class #164: California Natives & Plant Communities, Lab #2

Botanical Name: Polypodium californicum
Botanical Pronunciation: Paul-ee-POD-ee-uhm cal-eh-FOR-neh-cum
Common Name: California Polypody
Family Name: Polypodiaceae
Diseases: None.
Flower: Spores on underside of fronds.
Growth: 6-10
Light: Part shade to full shade on both the coast and inland.
Pest: None.
Problems: None.
Propagation: By spores.
Pruning: Remove spent fronds.
Type: Deciduous fern that is semi-open and trailing.
Water: Moderate to none in summer.
California Native: Yes
Description: Delicate, small scale fern for forground rockwalls great to use as bank cover in the shade and in mossy rock gardens.
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Botanical Name: Tolmeia menziesii
Botanical Pronunciation: toll-MAY-ah men-Z-z-i
Common Name: Piggyback Plant
Family Name: Saxifragaceae
California Native: Yes

Botanical Name: Carex tumulicola
Common Name: Foothill Sedge
Family Name: Cypreaceae
California Native: Yes